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2013-01-20 14:57:48 jason 55


SupFire M1超远手电筒经济实用,除适合家庭常备外,也适合大堤巡防、搜捕、现场检查、安保、海上急救、夜晚瞄视等特殊工作需要
SupFire Y3手电筒适合登山、露营、求生、涉猎、徒步、潜海、垂钓等户外活动需要
SupFire S6、S8手电筒适合鉴赏珠宝、矿物质鉴定等主业需要
The Shenhuo optoelectronic devices Shenzhen Limited production SupFire of flashlight with: waterproof, explosion-proof, energy-saving, high performance, superior quality, and sales network throughout China, Singapore, Malaysia and the U.S. and European markets. Well received by the majority of industrial enterprises, outdoor sports, special types of household consumer favor.
SupFire brand once the market has been highly recognized in the market, SupFire light flashlight Corey LED life of over 100,000 hours. Flashlight shell is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, waterproof, compression, wear, the rechargeable battery can be recharged more than 2000 times. Light a range of different styles of 100-1000 meters. With charger "with anti-reverse" and "anti-overcharge the IC circuit" safe and reliable to use.
Light flashlight of SupFireY-4 height deepened to 31.5MM light cup, Penetration stronger, more focused light, brighter farther distance of 500 meters is clearly visible. The shell is made of T6063-T6 aerospace aluminum, automatic CNC fabrication, to be anodized hardened non-slip handle, feel good, five-speed adjustment, easy to carry, to strengthen economic and practical waterproof design, anti-domestic water, storm water, even if it fell into the water 1 m, can ensure the normal use.
Current market platform plastic shell the flashlight and SupFire bright flashlight one night the effect of contrast, brightness, contrast, contrast, life waterproof contrast for different needs, from the smallest to the largest flashlight everything. The circuit of ultra-high efficiency, high temperature, bulb life of up to 100,000 hours, the head impact optical glass, anti-throw, wear resistance, the light lamp cups, concentrating excellent, perfect spot. Flashlight brands find Shenzhen Shenhuo Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd.. Doc
Ultra-far SupFire M1 flashlight economical and practical, except for the family standing outside, also suitable for levee patrol, search, on-site inspection, security, marine first aid, night sights, as special needs
Suitable for mountaineering, camping SupFire Y3 flashlight, survival, covered, hiking, latent sea, fishing and other outdoor activities need
SupFire S6, S8 flashlight for the appreciation of jewelry, mineral identification, the main industry needs
Market since due to SupFire bright flashlight, by consumers, the market began to appear a lot of fake and shoddy products, and a large number of very poor quality charger, battery seriously damage the interests of consumers, and to this end, the company decided to sales by domestic SupFire The product uses the security code security, China's regional security telephone dial: 4006883323 or edit security code send text messages to 12,114,100,167,698 check the authenticity, no such security codes or other security code are fake.









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